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Find answers to common questions about our therapy practice and services.


Find quick answers to common questions about therapy, our practice, and more.

Are sessions in person or virtual?

Root and Blossom offers both in-person appointments and virtual telemental health options. Telemental health, or online therapy, is a way to provide all the benefits of therapy when meeting in person is not accessible. Counseling sessions are provided through a HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform.

Do you accept insurance?

Root and Blossom Counseling is not an in-network provider for any insurance company. We can provide a receipt for out-of-network reimbursement upon request. To find out if your carrier will reimburse for out of network services, you can call and ask the following questions:

  • Do I have out-of-network coverage for mental health services?
  • How many sessions per year does my plan cover?
  • How much does my insurance plan reimburse for an out-of-network provider for CPT codes 90834, 90846, and 90791?
  • What is my co-payment (if applicable)?
  • Do I need prior authorization?
  • Do I need approval from my primary care provider?
  • How do I submit a super bill? Is there an online portal or do I have to mail or fax a copy?
  • What is the time limit to submit a super bill?
What are your fees?
  • Individual counseling session or parent consultation session- $160/45-50 minute session unless otherwise stated by your therapist
  • School Meetings or Consultations- $160/hour
  • Group Therapy- $60 per session unless otherwise specified
  • Intake session range from $160-$256 depending on length and services needed
How often and how long will we meet?

Typically, weekly meetings are preferred to begin therapy. After an initial intake session, you will discuss treatment goals and plans with your counselor. As progress is made, sessions may be moved to every other week. The number of sessions required to reach goals will vary. Some clients reach their goals in weeks while others need months or years. More progress is usually seen when sessions are held on a consistent basis. Sessions last for 45-50 minutes.

What is the process of starting therapy?

You or your child will be matched with the therapist that is the best fit for the goals and developmental needs for therapy. You will have a free initial call with your therapist to make sure that it is a good fit. If so, the therapist will send consent and intake paperwork through our client portal. The first session will be an intake session where history, current functioning and goals will be discussed. Depending on the type of therapy and the age of the child, the intake session will either be individual, just parents, or parents and the child. Developing a trusting relationship with you and/or your child is key to a successful therapeutic experience. Your counselor will spend the first couple sessions getting to know you and your child and helping them to feel comfortable sharing their inner world.

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